Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord and Another Wondering.....New Apps, Too!

I am linking up with Fabulous in First as my brain truly is a smorgasbord at the moment.  I couldn't sleep....even after midnight. 
That's when you realize that you need to face your fears head-on!  I discovered yesterday that I go back to school in a month. And while that sounds like a long time, I will be gone for a week during that time. Only a teacher brain in the wee hours could make that last bit of info a bad thing!

I did have a great week with my sister and her fiancee, who we adore. To start it off, I finally treated my poor digits to some pretty!
My fingernails were equally happy in their traditional OPI Bubble Bath, which I may or may not have copied from Giada Dilaurentis on the Food Network after combing the internet to find her color.  Prettiest nails evah! *squirrel*

I also was the thrilled beyond words recipient of homegrown tomatoes from a dear, sweet friend and made my famous Tomato Pie.
We also got our music on at an outdoor concert at the oceanfront. Toad the Wet Sprocket performed for free.  Great people watching, although we were super creeped out by the hippy packing a pistol strapped to his leg wearing pink sunglasses....hmmmm. 
I finally took adorable Brandee's advice over at 
and wrote this whole post in the Post app.  It was so much easier on my iPad than my prehistoric computer!
And my pictures were doctored up using the Rhonna Designs app that Megan got me addicted to!
Give them each a whirl.....
You can make pics like this.....and who woudn't want to do that?
And, today's wondering.....I have three classes who obviously share desks.  My principal is adament that the desks be labelled with the children's names. How does one accomplish this when the desks are organized in groups?  I know...third world problem. Just wondering....
Happy Sunday, y'all!!!!


Brandee Green said...

Thanks for the shout out Lisa! Your post looks awesome. So glad the tip worked for ya and I downloaded Megan's picture app too! It's awesome. :)
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Alison said...

Could you put a piece of velcro on top of the desk and each day when the classes come in they could check in by putting their name tag on the velcro piece and put it away when checking out? I haven't used name tags in years because my kids never sit in the same spot. Can you pull the flexible grouping card?
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Mr. Matt said...


Great post...I'm gonna have to look at Post App. That sound like something I could use.

Also, is your recipe for Tomato Pie a secret? I'll be honest, I'v never heard of it, but it sounds great.

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Courtney said...

Lisa, I will also have 3 different classes coming into my room. I'm thinking of using washi tape to label my desks and then writing on it with Sharpie. I've also toyed with the idea of just writing students' names on the desks with a Sharpie Paint marker. I hope this helps! I'll be anxious to see how you solve this little problem!
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Heather Temske said...

I have been doing my last few posts in the Post app too after Brandee mentioned it. I still prefer my computer when home but it worked great while I was away. Last year I had two classes come in my room. I had smaller laminated name tags with a square Velcro on the back. I can't say we rally changed them daily but it was handy when we wanted them.

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Melissa said...

I love the outdoor concerts! Jealous of these apps for Apple products.

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Lisa @ Fluent in Fourth said...

Here is the link, Matt. It is delicious and so easy! :)

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