Sunday, July 14, 2013

Made it Monday! My First Power Point Printable Creations!!!

Is it me or are the Mondays of summer flying by at alarming rate?  It is so funny how different they feel during the summer.  Sundays too.  I usually start DREADING the beginning of the week around lunch time on Sunday during the school year...summer is truly bliss!

Brought to you by the fabulous Tara at Fourth Grade Frolics...
Well, with the help of some talented ladies' tutorials, I have tackled my first power point printable!  It was so easy and really so much fun.  Can't wait to use them in the classroom.  So, thank you to Ladybug's Teacher Files and Mrs. Russell's Room for sharing their talents with others.  I have learned so much from both of you.

The first printable I made was my Kind of Sentence Task Cards.

 I was amazed out how easy they were to make once I watched the tutorials and found the papers and frames that I wanted.

I plan on playing this as a Scoot game for a little review.  Our Catholic school has English maintenance sheets with sentence diagramming starting in fifth grade.  It is so important that they get this skill down to be successful in the coming years.  This question should always be a freebie, but it amazed me that fifth graders were still unsure.  Combined with Jivey's and Collaboration Cuties's mentor sentences, they should be more than ready for the following years' challenges.

I also finally decided on a color scheme for my room!  I chose:
Funny where one's motivations come from!  I don't remember where I picked this up.  The middle color is actually a blue.  I am finally convinced that my iPhone takes the absolute most horrible pictures ever.

So, then I made the following:

I am taking them to be laminated at school tomorrow, and then I will put them together with pretty ribbon (the "l" shows up on my printable).
I have had this fun get-to-know-me activity that doubles as a little grammar review in my head all summer.  I finally got it down on paper (on Publisher):
I will have them ask six different people (3 girls, 3 boys) to respond to the different tasks.  They will write down the person's name and his/her answer.  Fun but effective.  Plus, it will show me what they know or remember.

So, that's what I've been up to!  Crossing more things off my list makes me super happy!

Have a great week!  My sister will be in town this week, so I am looking forward to some fun!


Adventures in Room 204 said...

I love the colors you decided on for your color scheme! :)

Adventures in Room 204

Alison said...

Adorable! Love the colors!
Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

Melissa said...

Looks great! I need to make my own welcome banner. I did one for my son's first birthday, so all I have to do is change the letters and background. Don't you love using PowerPoint? So much easier!

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Tracie said...

Hi! I just found your blog through the Monday Made-It link and am now your newest follower! I was excited to find another Catholic school teacher :) I think diagramming sentences is a Catholic school thing...we do it too!

Mrs. Shepherd said...

So glad to have found your blog and another 4th grade teacher. I am your newest follower! Hope you will stop by my 4th grade blog and check it out. Love all your ideas! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

Shepherd's Shining Stars

resource room roundabout said...

Your blog is too cute for words! I am so glad I came across it in this linky. A number of my kids are going to be in 4th grade this year, so I love finding 4th grade blogs to follow.


Miss McDonald said...

I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! (It appears it will be your second nomination!!) Visit my blog to see what your questions are! :)

Katie said...

I love the colors you chose and I also love the getting to know you grammar activity! Great thinking! ;)

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Georgiana said...

Great colors. I chose yellow and lime green with black and white. Looking forward to redecorating the class this week. I am a new follower. Can't wait to share ideas.

Have a wonderful evening,
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