Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Sunday Wondering....and Wonder.....

I think I have just made it through my most productive weekend ever!  I have created, painted, cut, moved, purchased, problem solved, designed, purchased, and cut some more!  I can't wait to put my finished creations on Tara's Monday Made It!

I even managed to fit this in for three hours and read half of Wonder.  What an awesome book...the possibilities for uses in the classroom were exploding in my mind as I read it.
Trust never gets old.  And, I never take it for granted!  The beach feeds my soul....

I also got a lesson in bright, shiny, and cute not always being the way to go!
Worst glue gun EVER!!!!

My wondering for tonight is this....what classroom jobs are appropriate and necessary for fourth grade?  Getting ready to put my board together....

Thanks for your insight :)


Becca Morris said...

My classroom jobs are: 3 bankers ( I have a classroom economy), 3 clerks, 2 substitutes, 2 custodians, 2 hall leaders, 2 librarians, 2 postal workers, 2 technology supervisors, and 2 homework monitors.

I just made my board!

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Alison said...

I'm so glad I didn't buy that glue gun. It really is cute! Every year I start out with classroom jobs and I am the world's worst about keeping up with them. I've done applications, tickets, a bank, a cashier, etc. I've found that with the group I have right now, it's just easier for me to call on the closest child when I need something done. Everyone wants to be a helper and that way I don't have to deal with someone getting tired of their job after a week or two. It's one less thing I have to do. Of course this is my own personal opinion and doesn't work well for everyone.
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Nick R said...

For my jobs I have a teacher assistant, gardener, zookeeper, mail carrier, Earth caretaker (recycling, lights off, etc), and a class cleaner. I like to keep the number of jobs small, with several students in each category.

Definitely check out my 170 page Novel Study and activities for Wonder on TpT!

The book is awesome. I read it four times while writing the unit and activities, then still loved it when I read it with my kids this past year. The kids literally cheered at some spots and cried openly at others.

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Lisa Bee (Grade 4 Buzz) said...

Thanks for the glue gun tip! I totally need a new one...
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