Sunday, July 21, 2013

Monday Made It!

I am a Pinterest junkie.  It's not something that I am particularly proud of, but I must admit that between you fabulous bloggers and Pinterest, I have millions of ideas floating around in this blonde head.

I would say that this sums me up:
But....BUT, if I have a place for something, I will put it there.
 Otherwise, it looks like this:
Monday Made It over at Fourth Grade Frolics to the rescue!

SOOOO, in comes these awesome creations that are all over the blogs and Pinterest.  Now, I have them for my very own! :)
I patterned them after Elizabeth's at Fun in Room 4B. She was so sweet to share her google doc, but the colors weren't right for my room.  She also loves Erin Bradlee designs...I can tell!  Flanking them on either side are my little owl friends that I snatched up at a fabric store.  Love them.


Alison said...

That's it...I'm gettin' the teacher box...tomorrow. I have teacher toolbox envy of everyone!
Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

The Craft of Teaching said...

I made the three drawer one for my Monday Made It! And I super love my teacher toolbox from last summer...I used it ALL the time this year. :-) They look great!

The Craft of Teaching

Jen Cullen//Sparkling in Second said...

YAY! welcome to the club! I love the teacher tool box :) I can't wait to use mine this year. Next I'm making the "copy/file/grade" files.

Brandee Green said...

Super cute! Good work!
Creating Lifelong Learners
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Angelia said...

Very cute! I'm your newest follower!
A Day at the Beach with Fourth Grade

Anonymous said...

Love your toolbox. Owls are so cute! Sara B.

Nicole said...

I've been going back and forth about buying a toolbox and putting it together, and this post definitely did it for me. I HAVE to have one. Your color scheme is totally cute!

First Grade Frenzy!

Hope Chapman said...

Making a teacher toolbox last year was the BEST teacher project I have ever made. It kept me so organized and neat. I always knew where to look for those little items! Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

yashika slaughter said...

I just recently made my teacher toolboxes. Yours look great!!! I'm your newest follower.

Mrs Chev said...
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Mrs Chev said...

I am also a Pinterest junkie, which is how I found your blog, which I love btw :). I am definitely going to make some bunting tray labels, they are so cute.

Mrs Chev's Classroom

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