Monday, February 18, 2013


Let's face it, even though many seem to feel our job of educating America's youth is something akin to a cake walk at a Halloween carnival, we all know how hard our days are.  Those that criticize our profession would not make it to lunch in a classroom, I fear.  Few jobs mean more or have the ability to contribute to the common good as much as teaching...or serving a school in any capacity.  From reaccredidation visits (okay, did we have to do THAT good of a job that now bigger wigs are coming?), to lockdowns (the real deal), to microwaves on fire....our days can be long and frustrating. Can I hear a collective "Amen"?

What would the frazzle-brained teacher/faculty member do without the support of her school buddies?  These are your in-the-trenches, fearless colleagues with whom you can have a laugh, cry, and always lend an ear to listen.  They are the ones who know you are not an idiot when your brain is too full to realize that that lasagna you've been thinking about for hours is wrapped in aluminum foil in the styrofoam container (epic fail numero uno AND dos) and, by golly, is ON FIRE in the microwave. They are the ones running out the door behind you when you are bench pressing said microwave to whisk it out of range of those pesky smoke detectors.  They are also the first to pat you on the back when something good happens. They tell you that they wish their children were lucky enough to have you as a teacher...and mean it.

I am fortunate enough to have my share of these wonderful souls that I affectionately call my teacher buddies....they have my back and I have theirs.  Does it get any better than that?!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Did It!

Hi All!  I am new to the blogging world but LOVE reading 20+ blogs, so I thought I would jump in. I am starting a new journey as a teacher.  I taught kindergarten for 6 years, have been a reading resource teacher (amongst other things) for the last 2, and will teach ELA in fourth grade next year in my Catholic school.  I will teach three groups with 25+ students.

I am excited as I have been told that I may use the basal (Reading Street) as little as I want, if at all!  So, I have immersed myself in reading The Book Whisperer, The Daily 5, and The Cafe Book.  I was lucky enough to find a completed book study for the last two books, which lead me to some fabulous blogs!  Pinterest has rounded out my experience. I am armed with more ideas than I know what to do with!

I am currently trying to decide which 3 novels to add for next year to be purchased with raffle money proceeds.  I already have a classroom set of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  At the top of my list right now are Because of Winn Dixie, Charlotte's Web, and The Lemonade War.  I would love to have some comments on what books you love.

Happy Sunday!

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