Sunday, August 11, 2013

Monday Made It and Getting By with a Little Help From My Friends!!!

Wow!  When I say life has been busy, I mean it!  It has also been fun!  I spent a glorious but sticky, humid week in Florida.  We do humid here in Virginia Beach, but it was even worse there!  The fact that this was the view out of one of the windows in my villa made me happy*happy*happy!!

Any place with palm trees is a good place, indeed!

We didn't spend too much time at the parks in Orlando, but I love Animal Kingdom. Doesn't this guy remind you of Ivan from The One and Only Ivan?  He was fascinating...

The only other thing I will share is this car.

So, let me get this straight. I can't get a thing to stick to the walls of my classroom, but this guy can affix all this to his car?  I truly wanted to ask  For some reason, our car never got close enough to ask????  What?

OK. Onto my made its. I have so many but will wait for my big reveal and just share a few. After much craziness, my room was painted. It took 5 hours and 4 gallons, but it looks amazing!  I could not be happier!  I have pics of the very beginning and will share the finished product when I put all the mess back together. 

Do you know a family that just warms your heart?  Mine consists of four of the most giving people on the planet. Ray is a firefighter and was a first responder to the jet crash into apartment buildings a few years back at which there were no fatalities. A true miracle. He has also left at a moment's notice to help during Hurricane Sandy and the earthquake in Haiti. Rebecca works for Catholic charities helping those less fortunate find help. Their two kiddos both volunteer at Equikids, which is a therapy program using horses. They gave up 5+ hours to help paint my classroom. It actually was fun!

Nice thumb....proof I was there!  My sweet son also helped. The only payment they would take was beverage related.

We laughed so hard when these happy hour beers arrived!

I want to show my awesome Boggle board. I bought it from The Clutter-Free Classroom.

I also dyed some clothespins (all over Pinterest), printed out the cute chalkboard frames, laminated them, and hot glue gunned them to the clothespin. Then I glued two tacks to the back. 

These are waiting outside my classroom for some awesome student work!  I also laminated Christina Bainbridge's great back-to-school banner. Just noticed it could use a little repositioning :) The hall is done!!!

Have a great week!  We have technology training tomorrow and head back for in-service next Monday. So not ready on so many levels....


Miss Nelson said...

ummm seriously. How does it stick??? I've tried hot glue, sticky tak, etc. Nothing works for me.

tobi :) said...

Ok...I am so your newest follower! Love love love this blog! love the dyed clothes pin with the student names on them!!

Becca Morris said...

Great job!

Simply 2nd Resources

Alison said...

Glad you had a great time here in Fla...minus the humidity. It's awful isn't it. I swear you could cut the air with a knife sometimes. Miss Nelson and I went to the school today and had to trip the air conditioner because there was NO way I was going to hang out in there! You have some sweet helpers and I'm loving the liquid reward!
Oh...and my friend bought this wax stuff on Amazon last year to hang stuff on the walls. It works!!! I don't know the exact name of it though. I use blue sticky tac also. Those are the only two things that work for me.
Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

Lisa Bee said...

LOVE your Boggle Board!
Grade 4 Buzz

Jennifer Laffin {Mrs. Laffin's Laughings} said...

What great helpers you have!!

Your trip to Orlando looks amazing! That car is a riot. I would love to know his secret too.

I read "The One and Only Ivan" this past week and I will never look at another gorilla the same way again...Heartwarming!

Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

Fourth Grade Studio said...

Cute stuff! My best "stick" solution is 3M poster strips...I cut them in half the long way so they last longer--but my stuff stays up all year! Good luck!

Melissa Chae said...

Hey, this will be my first year in 4th. Been in 3rd for 7 years. Glad to see they still love the cute stuff.

Ms. Chae Charges In

Angelia said...

I live in Virginia Beach, too. However, I am currently enjoying the humidity in Myrtle Beach!! Love your projects!
A Day at the Beach with Fourth Grade

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