Saturday, June 8, 2013

Spark Student Motivation Saturdays: The Bomb!

Okay...shouldn't be posting for the second time today, but hey, it's better than the cleaning I SHOULD be doing...I am joining another linky party....
Head Over Heels for Teaching
as I just loved an awesome idea that a teacher for whom I provided support this year implemented with fabulous results last year.  Who doesn't get severely annoyed with the amount of time wasted for transitions...especially bathroom/water breaks?

Enter...the bomb!
I cannot tell you how much faster the kiddos took care of business and switching out supplies/books for the next class when this baby was ticking on the SmartBoard.  The fact that it explodes repeatedly made it even more fun for the 5th graders.  Give it a try...turned some tortoises into hares right before my eyes and shaved much time off transitions and added that precious time to instruction.  What a great way to motivate students to stay on task.  There are other timers as well...

Check out the website.



MS. OCD said...

I love using any timer, but they really love the online stopwatch!

Heather Temske said...

Great suggestion!

room 4 imagination

Brandee Green said...

Super cute post and super cute blog. I'm your newest follower. :)
Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

AMC Looking From Third to Fourth said...

I have only ever used a timer but the bomb is, well the bomb, can't wait to try it out. Thanks!

Joanne Miller said...

I've used the online timers for reading groups/centers (mostly to keep me on track!), but I love the idea of using the bomb for transitions! Thanks Lisa for linking up to my party! Hope to see you on the 22nd! :O)
Head Over Heels For Teaching

Brandee Green said...

Hey Lisa~First of are TOO SWEET! I read all of your sweet comments and wanted to respond but your account is set as no-reply blogger. You may have set it up that way on purpose but I sure hate that I can't respond to your nice comments. :)

Secondly, last year I had 3 groups to work with and only 90 minutes myself. Maybe I can help you out with a routine. :) If you are interested...let me know and send over your email and we'll chat. :)

Thirdly, back to your sweet made my day! :)

Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

Fluent in Fourth said...
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Fluent in Fourth said...

Most surely I will be there, Joanne. Thanks!

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