Sunday, May 26, 2013

Coming Out of the "Teacher" Closet

It's been a long, long time since I have blogged.  I was so excited to start this blog not too many months back after having fabulous Megan at "I Teach, What's Your SuperPower?" make it all look pretty...I'm big on aesthetics.  I can't lie.  And, I was so excited about leaving my resource job and reentering the classroom again that I had immersed myself in all things fourth grade.  I then realized that I had checked out of my current job, and that wasn't fair to any of my current students.  So, I fell back in love with my current job.

I have known that I was switching positions since November, but the parents were not told until just recently.  So, now I'm all out, have 6 days left (two are half days), and am finalizing grades for this year with sights on moving into my new teaching world.  The reception of this news by my former families and students has been heart-warming, and I feel blessed to try something new.  I taught kindergarten for 6 years before being a resource teacher for 2.  I'm used to having an aide when I am the classroom teacher, so the admin part of the job will be new.  But having students who can read and are more independent will be huge for me!  I cannot tell you how tired of tying shoes I was by the end of my stint in kindergarten!

I also must admit that one of the biggest the reasons I wanted to make the switch is all of you.  In my current job, I am in 2 different classrooms in an inclusion model for 3 hours of my day watching other people teach.  I had just discovered the wonderful world of teachers' blogs and Pinterest (an unhealthy obsession). The ideas that were right at my fingertips...the ideas shared by all of you inspired me to accept yet another challenge to give the students a fun environment in which to learn.  So, thank you for all of your selfless sharing...can't wait to put all the incredible ideas into motion.

Many think I am crazy as I hand over my keys to my gorgeous office for a classroom.  I haven't had a homeroom for 2 years.  I haven't had to deal with parents except minimally for two years.  I have had few papers to grade.  I had a lot of autonomy.  I am giving all of that up to touch so many more children.  I hope I don't get into it and think, "What have I done?" on the second day in.  But, it feels right, so I am jumping in feet first!  Wish me luck....

Happy Memorial Day to all....


Jennifer Laffin said...

Your new students will be lucky to have you in their lives every day! Fourth grade is so awesome! I love that my students are more independent and make so much growth both personally and academically in the year. Welcome back! I'm looking forward to collaborating with you in blog world! :)

Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

Christy said...

Oh my goodness your post reflects my life in so many ways. This was my first year of teaching and I was a special education teacher for two schools. Due to caseload sizes I was only able to go to one building once a week for about an hour. That part of the job killed me, I never felt like I truly knew these students. I was lucky and had four great paras between the buildings. In the school I was primarily at, I cotaught the majority of the morning. One room was amazing, the teacher was so engaging, willing to try new things; the other room was full of glassy eyed looks on a daily basis. Blogging has been the best decision I've made this first year. I have learned so much, been encouraged, and have made so many friends. This upcoming year I will be a fourth grade ELA teacher as well. I'm excited for all that's to come (a little nervous too). I look forward to reading about all of your new adventures!


Christy said...

For some reason I can't link from my phone real well, but I will attempt again

Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

Fluent in Fourth said...

Thanks so much, Jennifer! I look forward to collaborating with you as well. Now I need to focus in on the hundreds of great ideas and formulate a plan! Too many ideas is a great ppRoblem to have, I would say!

Fluent in Fourth said...

Oh, Christy! You sound like my teaching soulmate! How crazy that we had the same experience and have both ended up teaching 4th ELA next year! You sound as excited as I am. Can't wait to go on this journey with you!

Megan @ I Teach. What's Your Super Power? said...

Congrats on your new job! I taught 4th grade ELA for three years and loved it!

I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

Fluent in Fourth said...

Thanks, Megan!

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